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We believe that proper implementation of the Constitution would benefit greatly from well researched work that includes detailed explanation of the various concepts and provisions and a comparison with other jurisdictions as to how they are implemented. However, that research must also look at the local context within which these provisions apply.

Why Research ?

A great deal of our own internal work requires research. It feeds into our preparation for our litigation and we pride ourselves on its quality. Research is also essential to our publications, including books, manuals on key Constitutional issues, occasional papers, journal articles, newspaper articles, advisory opinions to government and non-governmental institutions, development of model legislation and critique of proposed and existing legislation and designing of training programmes for the judiciary, developing civic education materials.

We note that there still is a significant need to carry out more constitutional research. At present, there are very few institutions, including institutions of higher learning, that are engaging in the thorough constitutional research that is necessary to help explain the meaning, context and implications of various constitutional provisions. 

Therefore KI sees as part of its mandate to include undertaking research on topical and complex constitutional issues which is needed to assist in policy development, seminal litigation and guiding precedent setting judgments and informing civil society work on constitutional matters.


Equality under Article 27 of the Constitution

The book explains the way the Constitution of Kenya deals with the matter of equality. It is inevitably a law book and draws on the cases that have been decided in the Kenyan courts. It is also intended to be of practical assistance, so it draws on various guides on practical steps to achieve greater […]

March 24, 2023



Ten Years on: Assessing the Achievements of the Constitution of Kenya 2010

Assessing the Achievements of the Constitution of Kenya 2010

May 31, 2022


Katiba Institute

Towards Strengthening Participation of Women

This booklet aims at recognizing women’s rights community leaders who are making a difference at the grassroots level

March 15, 2022



Understanding Human Rights

Katiba Institute organized an essay competition on human rights in September 2020. The call, which targeted young persons, classified participants into three categories: up to 13 years, 13 to 18 years, and 18 to 25 years. Over 150 entries from different age sets were submitted to Katiba Institute. A team of examiners with immense experience […]

July 22, 2021



Human Rights and the Constitution of Kenya

Human rights in a Constitution are a way to give legal force to the idea that we have certain rights as human beings; they are not the gift of government. They protect individuals and groups against discrimination and oppression by the state which has so much political, economic, police and military power. They guarantee a […]

February 16, 2021



Fair Administrative Action

¬†This guidebook seeks to assist public servants to understand their obligations, and how to ensure that their decision making processes, and administrative actions, comply with Article 47, the Act, and the common law. The development of the guidebook involved, and benefited greatly from, public bodies that enforce public administration standards or train public servants on […]

February 15, 2021




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