Devolution is a system of governance that decentralizes power from the national government to regional and local levels. This means that decision-making and resources are allocated closer to the people they serve.

Benefits of Devolution

  • Improved service delivery: Devolution allows for more responsive and efficient service delivery to local communities. Local governments can better understand and address the specific needs of their constituents.
  • Increased participation: Devolution encourages greater citizen participation in government. Local communities have a greater say in how their resources are used and how their communities are developed.
  • Equity and development: Devolution can help to reduce regional inequalities by ensuring that all parts of the country have access to resources and development opportunities.

The Katiba Institute and Devolution

The Katiba Institute is a leading Kenyan think tank that promotes constitutionalism and good governance. The Institute has played a key role in supporting the implementation of devolution in Kenya. The Institute’s work on devolution includes:

  • Research and analysis on devolution issues
  • Capacity building for county governments
  • Public education and awareness campaigns on devolution

Examples of Katiba Institute’s Work on Devolution

  • The Institute conducted a study on the financial sustainability of county governments.
  • The Institute developed a training program for county officials on budgeting and financial management.
  • The Institute launched a public awareness campaign on the benefits of devolution.


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