Yash Pal Ghai sues JSC for witholding info on CJ, DCJ, judge shortlists

Yash Pal Ghai wants the JSC compelled to provide information on the shortlisting of applicants for the positions of CJ, DCJ and Supreme Court judge.

Ghai, who is Katiba Institute director, sought the order from the High Court on Wednesday.

He has accused the commission of denying the public crucial information on how candidates were recruited, and termed it a violation of the law.

Ghai has also accused the Judicial Service Commission of failing to facilitate accountability and the transparent administration of justice.

Judge Edward Mureithi certified the matter as urgent and directed the commission to file its response before the hearing on Friday.

Katiba Institute and International Commission of Jurists – Kenya had asked the JSC to release the information by July 19.

They wanted the commission to explain why the shortlisting was carried out in three days and not 21 as announced.

The two institutions further wanted the JSC to provide the names of those who applied for all the positions and the criteria used to choose the final names.


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