The Katiba Audit

Katiba Institute is set to host a major constitutional forum with a focus on an audit of the Constitution of Kenya on Tuesday18th 2019. The forum will deliberate on the findings of the audit.

Katiba Institute has been involved in a process of auditing the Status of implementation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. “When we all became aware that politicians were raising questions about changing the Constitution, Katiba Institute felt that – before there could be any serious talk about making changes – it was important to ask “How is the Constitutionactually working? If it is not working as we had hoped, is this because ofsomething about the Constitution, or something about how it has beenimplemented?”

It is effectively 9 years since the Constitution came into force.  It is not an unsuitable time to do a review of its principal provisions and examine howfar they have been implemented, or attempts to do so have been made. It is alsoworth noting if there are procedures for implementation and penalties for breachof the rule. It is also interesting to see the degree of respect shown by the President and his officials for the Constitution through the implementation,especially in relation to the timetable set out in the Constitution or thedemand of the people.

The Centre for Rights Education and Awareness on Women (CREAW), The Institute on SocialAccountability (TISA), Mzalendo Trust, Election Observation Group (ELOG), TransparencyInternational (TI) Kenya, Kenya Tuitakayo Movement (KTM), and Social Justice Working Group, URAIA and Kenya Human Rights Commission have been instrumental in the planning of the forum.

Download the document  An Audit of the 2010 Constitution


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