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KI undertakes research on topical constitutional issues, especially for purposes of enriching the constitutional implementation process but also as a means of fostering a culture of constitutional research in Kenya. Through this strategy, KI provides well researched, relevant, accurate and thought-out opinions and information on technical issues that relate to the Constitution. Some of our publications include: Participation of ethnic minorities and marginalised communities in political and other governance processes; A Handbook on the Access to Information Act, 2016;

A Guide on the Basics of Environmental Impact Assessments in Kenya; 101 Things You Wanted To Know About The Police But Were Too Afraid To Ask; Katiba 2010: Achievements and Challenges; Fair Administrative Action under Article 47 of the Constitution: A guide for the Administrator; Ethnicity , Nationhood and Pluralism: Kenyan perspective; Kenya’s Constitution: An Instrument of Change (2011, 2nd edition imminent); National Values and Principles of the Constitution and Understanding Devolution. (Visit our website to access the books )


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