RESEARCH: Assessing the Achievements of the Constitution of Kenya 2010

Katiba Institute launched its latest publication “Ten Years On: Assessing the Achievements of
the Constitution of Kenya 2010″
on 24th May 2022.

The Institute undertook a study auditing the status of implementation of the
Constitution. The object of this study is to assess the effectiveness of major key parts of the
Constitution. The status of the Constitution as supreme law is reiterated in Articles 2 and 3: it binds
all persons and all State organs at both levels of government; and every person has obligations to
respect, uphold and defend the Constitution.

The study begun in 2018 and brought together authors with expertise in particular aspects of the
Constitution to undertake an audit on the implementation of the Constitution. Some readers got a
foretaste in 2019 when the editors of Awaaz Magazine published shorter versions of 10 of the chapters.


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