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Greetings from Katiba Institute.

Welcome to our first newsletter of the year.

The newsletter highlights Katiba Institute’s cases up to March 2024. They include a petition challenging the privatisation of parastatals, compensation for the Lamu community, the Community Groups Registration Act (CGRA), and the use of robbery with violence law. The newsletter also highlights programmatic work that KI has undertaken during the period, including a roll-out of a project on access to information, training on sexual reproductive rights and the impact of KI’s work on presidential term limits.

Finally, we cannot fail to feature some awards to the Institute and two individual colleagues, although some were late last year. See below!


  • Katiba Institute rolls out a project on access to information
  • The Term limits project in East Africa
  • Training on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
  • Recognition: Katiba Institute awarded the CB Madan Prize
  • Waikwa Wanyoike’s Lecture at CB Madan Awards
  • Katiba Institute in court

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