MRC Case Judgments from the Court of Appeal

Katiba Institute was involved in two cases that pitted members of Mombasa Republican Council against the government. Both cases were appeals from High Court decisions.

In the first appeal, Number 9 of 2013, the High Court had dismissed the case lodged by the petitioners who were there on behalf of the MRC. The High Court held that since such an organisation or association was not registered, one could not act on its behalf, among other reasons. The Court of appeal overturned this decision and you can find the judgment here Civil Appeal No.9 of 2013.

The second appeal was lodged by the Attorney General against the decision of the High Court which held that the banning of the MRC by the Government was unconstitutional. The Court of Appeal upheld the High Court decision and the reasons can be found here Civil Appeal No.275 of 2012.

Katiba Institute was involved as amicus curiae in both cases.


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