#KnowYourLimits: Inside Katiba Institute’s Term Limit Project in East Africa

Katiba Institute, since October 2019, has been implementing the Term Limits Initiative project to promote support for presidential term limits in East Africa specifically Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.     

The project was launched in the same year by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and targeted sub-Saharan Africa through high-level advocacy and citizen mobilisation.  

In a one-on-one interview with this journalist on Monday, January 15, the project leads Patriciah Joseph, Programs Manager, and Kevin Mabonga, Communications, and Liaison Officer at Katiba Institute expounded on the massive impact the project has had on the public since its implementation.  


This article was published by www.nairobileo.co.ke (https://www.nairobileo.co.ke/news/article/14613/inside-katiba-institutes-term-limit-project-in-east-africa)


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