Katiba Institute Part of the Constitutional Term Limits Summit in Niamey, Niger

Katiba Institute (KI) is part of the Constitutional Term Limit Summit in Niamey, Niger. The Summit has been organized by The National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the Kofi Annan Foundation in partnership with the Africa Forum; the Open SocietyInitiative for West Africa (OSIWA).

The meeting brings together African leaders, civic activists and experts to discuss core principles of constitutionalism and the rule of law, promoting good governance through democratic processes and the peaceful transfer of executive power. The key stakeholders from across Africa will address one of the pressing challenges to democratic progress on the continent – the erosion of the constitutional rule of law by extending and amending presidential term limits.

Panel discussions will allow leaders to share their experiences and tell their stories to underscore real-life experiences and case studies of democratic progress made in Africa and challenges still to be overcome. Katiba Institute, represented by Ben Nyabira and Kevin Mabonga, will be part of the panels discussing Facilitating Peaceful Transfers of Presidential Power and Justice and Reconciliation as Competing Priorities.

Participants will issue a Declaration of Principles as a tool to empower Africans to hold leaders accountable and have them adhere to constitutional term limits. 


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