Katiba Institute, Open Society Initiative Host Litigation Course in Nairobi 

Katiba Institute and the Open Society Justice Initiative hosted the 2022 Africa Strategic Human Rights Litigation Course in Nairobi, Kenya bringing together 40 students from 16 countries for a one-week training.   

The 14th Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya David Maraga, FCIArb, EGH officially opened the Course on 7th November 2022 . 

The former Chief Justice lauded Katiba Institute’s place in Kenya’s legal system arguably as the foremost institution in conducting public interest or strategic litigation.  

“Katiba is not only respected within the Kenyan legal fraternity for its professionalism, thoroughness and innovative approach to litigation; it is also respected by Kenyans for its persistent and consistent fight to foster the rule of law in Kenya, through litigation, research and empowering communities through civic and public participation.” he said. 

Hon. Justice Maraga praised the Open Society for building a reputation of being a leader in strategic litigation. 

Since 2011, the Open Society Justice Initiative has organized and taught a summer course on strategic human rights litigation at the Central European University (CEU). Historically, the course receives approximately 400 applications for the few dozen available slots. Though several participants from Africa are accepted each year, most are unable to attend because of the difficulties faced or outright denial of entry visas into the Schengen zone. As a result, colleagues from the legal fraternity in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and other African countries are unable to participate in the course, and the Justice Initiative and its partner, CEU, are also unable to optimize the full benefits of the course nor foster the connections that should be built on it. 

The Justice Initiative is uniquely placed to provide a short course on strategic litigation because of its global practice and skills in this area while Katiba Institute is a highly regarded organization committed to using public interest litigation as a tool to facilitate its core mandate of ensuring the effective implementation of Kenya’s 2010 constitution, as an example with resonance in the rest of the continent. 

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