Katiba Institute Marks 12 years of the Constitution of Kenya 2010

Katiba Institute hosted an online conversation to mark 12 years since the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. The discussions took place on Friday 26  and Saturday 27 August 2022.

Katiba Institute, in partnership with Tribeless Youth and other civil society organizations, hosted a twitter chat where participants shared their reflections of the status of the 2010 Constitution using the hashtag #KatibaAt12. Some of the key areas of focus included public participation, leadership and integrity, two- thirds gender principle and devolution. This was complemented by posters and relevant illustrations on various sections of the Constitution.

Does reality meet expectation?

While some think there are commendable strides made in the implementation of some aspects the 2010 Constitution, others pointed out the gaps and shared recommendations to ensure successful implementation.

In her reflection, Dr. Elizabeth Kimani-Murage notes that Chapter Six of the Constitution on Leadership and Integrity is critical in public service.

“We can’t talk about our Constitution that turns 12 tomorrow without talking about Chapter 6 on Leadership & Integrity in Public Service. This is very critical. The new government has to talk about this, enforce it & walk the talk.” Dr. Murage noted.

On devolution, Martin Wachira @Martowachira lauds devolution terming it a good step. He however notes that accountability remains a big challenge.

See selected tweets on the subject:

  • “As we celebrate the 12th anniversary, the intention of the makers of the CoK 2010 foresaw a Kenya whose power belonged to the people, rule of law, democracy, human rights, peace at its core. Is this the reality…?” –@WuodKano
  • “The legislature has been a major stumbling block to the proper implementation of COK2010” –@akurajr001
  • “Yes, in as much as the Constitution of Kenya has proven itself to be responsive to what’s required of it, as long as the necessary work to understand its provisions & architecture is put in. Like any living thing, it has to be nurtured & tended to grow & bear fruits” – @KaranjaMatindi
  • “More people have been subjected to enforced disappearance in the 12 years than in the 1990s #KatibaAt12. Overall, the inherent dignity, freedom, and the right to be protected have been violated and spared for the privileged.”- IMLU
  • “Gain ->It has brought government closer to the people in terms of service delivery and legislation. On the negative side -> it has devolved corruption, nepotism and cronyism.” – @Wa__Nyambura
  • “Devolution has been key in ensuring that resources are devolved to the county level and that the public are able to benefit from resources such as hospitals that did not exist before devolution, this is despite existing gaps for example in the supply of drugs in those facilities.” – @christinenkuria

An audit of the Constitution of Kenya 2010

In 2021, Katiba Institute published Ten Years on: Assessing the Achievements of the Constitution of Kenya 2010  – a publication that analyzed the achievements and gaps of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

By Kevin Mabonga


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