Joint Press Statement : Institute Immediate Measures To Guarantee Integrity, Transparency And Accountability In Covid-19 Response Efforts

We, the undersigned, organisations and associations, are representatives of various civil society and non-governmental organisations, the private sector, professional bodies and trade unions in Kenya. We have noted with great concern, gaps in transparency and accountability by government agencies charged with managing COVID-19 resources. These loopholes have led to the over pricing of commodities, purchase of substandard Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), embezzlement of commodities including donated PPEs, failure of the PPE’s to reach those who need it the most including healthcare workers on the frontline of fighting COVID-19, and misappropriation of public funds meant to procure protective  gear, and support vulnerable Kenyans against the impacts of the pandemic for instance the ‘Kazi Mtaani’ programme. Read more …


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