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Katiba Institute (KI) was set up to promote knowledge and understanding of Kenya’s Constitution and constitutionalism, and to defend and  facilitate implementation of the Constitution. Established in 2011, KI works on many areas of the Constitution including issues of leadership and integrity, human rights, devolution, gender, electoral issues, as well as environment, land misappropriation, evictions of indigenous people and other long-term settlers, and protection against illegality and harassment by the police.

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Public Interest Litigation (PIL) is a key strategy in fulfilling KI’s core objectives of facilitating constitutional implementation.


KI undertakes research on topical constitutional issues, especially for purposes of enriching the constitutional implementation process but also as a means of fostering a culture of constitutional research in Kenya.


Katiba Institute conducts various civic education activities across the country with the aim of informing and educating the public on key provisions of the Constitution including rights, citizenship and leadership and Integrity.

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